Technologies of Drawing conference

The conference will take a far-reaching view of the theme Technologies of Drawing, going beyond the opposition of hand-made and digital, and recognizing the variety of tools, techniques, devices and procedures now in circulation. This will include the differing ways in which drawing relates to three-dimensional space. Drawing will be considered from practitioner and art historical perspectives as a means of thinking, designing and making.

The conference is being organised by University of Huddersfield in partnership with sculpture network.


Deanna Petherbridge
author of The Primacy of Drawing and Visiting Professor of Drawing at the University of the Arts, London
Idea, pragmatics and critique: drawing as empowering and interactive practice

David Dernie
architectural designer, author of 'Architectural Drawing', and Professor of Architecture at De Montfort University

Brass Art

Deborah Gardner
sculptor and lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Leeds

The conference will mark the conclusion of a 4-day international drawing symposium for sculpture network artists – 15 artists from 7 different countries who will be present at the conference. The outcomes of this will be on show to conference participants.

A dinner will be held on the evening of the conference. On the following day there will be a visit to the new Hepworth Wakefield and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. (Not included in the registration fee).

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